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Horse riding

Horses for Kyrgyz people are an integral part of their worldview and everyday life. For centuries, the horse transported a yurt, a person, and gave useful kumiss from gorseskyrgyzmare's milk. In all the myths and legends of the Kyrgyz there is a horse. The bravest, most exceptional people in the history of the nomads got unsurpassed horses. The Kyrgyz, both men and women, were skilled horsemen. The Kyrgyz have an amazing dance in terms of dexterity of movements, energy and drive – Kara Zhorgo. Kara zhorgo means black pacer in Kyrgyz. Love for the horse, the desire to be like a horse, to have the best qualities of a horse are felt in this dance.

When a man gets on a horse, he changes within himself. The best qualities of a nomad awaken in him - the true spirit of freedom, courage, courage, dexterity, passion; the ability to feel the animal and adapt to it in order to become a real friend for it; love for all living things on earth and the desire to explore new lands.

When riding, you feel under you a warm, large and strong animal that patiently and faithfully drives you, and at the same time you feel its love and special affection for a person. You breathe the fresh mountain air, admire the picturesque mountain slopes; horse riding gives a person a great mood, and the steady clatter of hooves calms. Perhaps this is the harmony with nature that every person strives for.

Horseback riding is not only pleasant, but also useful; when riding, almost all the muscles of a person are involved and, thus, riding a horse replaces exercise equipment and fitness. We offer horse rides lasting 2 hours on the Sary-Oi pasture (20 km from the guest house) and at an altitude of 2400 m on the Chyyrchyk Pass (27 km from the guest house). Horseback riding without exaggeration liberates and inspires, feel the spirit of a real nomad.