The yurt is one of the main symbols of the Kyrgyz worldview, part of their way of life and the main attribute of nomadic culture.

In the geographical and climatic conditions of Kyrgyzstan, semi-nomadic animal husbandry was due to the presence of extensive natural pastures that can be used for 5-6 months a year. The Kyrgyz, in harmony with nature, for centuries roamed with their herds following the sun in autumn and winter, the coolness in spring and summer, and the grass that was fed only at certain times so that it could rise again the next year. Over the millennia, the Kyrgyz have grown together with the environment and become a harmonious part of it.yurt alay kyrgyzstan

The yurt, which is easily transported from place to place, is warm in winter and keeps cool in summer, has accompanied the Kyrgyz cattle breeder leading a nomadic lifestyle for many centuries. The yurt is designed so that its installation does not cause harm to nature. The very shape of the yurt is a repetition of the outlines of the firmament. The tunduk (the ceiling part of the yurt, its arch) gives not only light and air, but also connects the Kyrgyz with the sky, which has a sacred meaning. Therefore, the tunduk is depicted on the national flag of Kyrgyzstan.

The yurt has everything you need, it has a regular spherical shape, is beautiful from the inside, has no corners. The yurt is assembled and disassembled in a couple of hours without special tools, is easily carried by pack animals and is amazing when you see it for the first time.

Today, perhaps because of its popularity, the yurt can be seen in any corner of the world, but you can only live in a Kyrgyz yurt in the Kyrgyz mountains next to the Kyrgyz people in Kyrgyzstan.

Our yurts are floored, decorated with traditional carpets, mattresses, a desk, lighting, charging sockets, etc.